Getting the Most Out of Your Engagement Session

So you're engaged - congratulations! Now the fun begins! You're checking out locations, booking venues, and planning out the BIG day of your dreams. For many of us, the last photo session we've done was in high school, and now that we've moved on to bigger and better things, we're hoping to have some great images with our significant others. To help you show off your best side during your engagement session, I've compiled a few suggestions to make our time together go more smoothly.


Timing Matters

The best natural light occurs just after sunrise and before sunset. This is when your photos will look the best. Who wants photos when they're squinting into the sunlight or have harsh shadows falling across their face in unflattering ways? In order for your photos to be taken in the best lighting conditions, please arrive promptly at the agreed upon time.



Concerning Attire

With all of the wedding plans you've been making, another detail is probably the last thing you want to be concerned about; however, looking back on your photos, you'll be glad you took the time to think about your attire. Here are a few things to consider when dressing for the occasion.

  • Feel free to bring a second outfit, or even just a second jacket/shirt/etc.
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing
    • For sessions in the colder months, I recommend incorporating layers into your outfit.
    • It's never a bad idea to bring a jacket, just in case.
  • Clothing that is comfortable
    • You will feel more comfortable, and look more natural in front of the camera.
  • Clothing suited for the location
    • For city sessions, you might choose clothing with a more urban feel, whereas for beach sessions, sundresses and linen pants would look more natural.
  • Dress on the same level as your fiancé
    • Being comparably dressed will give your photos a more cohesive appearance.
  • Remember Your Footwear is Visible
    • Your footwear may be visible in your photos. White tennis shoes will be blatantly obvious when paired with your navy blue dress pants, as will socks that do not coordinate with your pants.



Where to Go?

Is there somewhere that is special to you as a couple? Perhaps the place where you first met, where you had your first date, or a park you like to frequent? Photos always look best when you, the couple, are the most comfortable. If there is a location that is familiar and comfortable to you, let me know, and we can try to incorporate it into your engagement session. I also recommend discussing with your fiancé whether he/she would prefer your photos in a city/urban environment or park-like setting. Places that make a great location for engagement sessions include:

  • shade (from trees or buildings)
  • some space to walk around (park, a few city blocks, etc.)
  • areas that are open to the public, or private land that you have personal access to (family farm, etc.)

If you're unsure, ask me for suggestions on great photo locations!

When to Reschedule Your Engagement Session

Weather conditions can be a good reason to reschedule an engagement session. However, it doesn't have to be a perfect day to have a good session. Cloudy conditions are still a great time to shoot, and even short rain storms can be waited out, however days when constant rain is expected is a time that I may ask you to consider rescheduling.

As far as skin imperfections, etc. - if you are unsure whether you should reschedule your session, consider this: minor skin imperfections are easily fixed in post-processing, while you would be better off rescheduling if you've had a major tanning/sunburn disaster, etc. If you are still unsure, feel free to contact me and let me know what's going on.

Here's to you having a fantastic engagement session!